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Vi er en totalleverandør innenfor underholdning, musikk, DJ´s og band.
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We represent a wide selection of Norway’s greatest DJs for any atmosphere and occasion. Including experienced and established names mixed with exciting newcomers as Andre Bravo, Chris Stallion, Dan Bravo, JCY, Lizzy & Frizzy, Natalia Barbin, Patski Love, Q&I, SverreV and Tommy Døske we guaranteed have something for exactly your party. We advise our customers regarding needs, ambitions and budget so they can find the ideal entertainment for any arrangement.

For those who want something special for their arrangement we represent a line of international celebrity DJs exclusively for Norway.

DJ Combo


In more and more occasions our customers want a combination of DJ and live entertainment, whether it is lead singers, dancers, live instruments or all of it together. In this area we can offer complete or tailormade concepts for any occasion. Some examples are our exclusive compositions of Norway’s most wicked combination with DJ and drums, DJ combined with various wind instruments or our winner for summer parties; A Felicidad which is a warm combination of Bossa Nova & Samba rhythms from Brazil, mixed with Latin House sounds from a DJ. Otherwise it is possible to combine all our DJs with the elements mentioned above if needed and upon further agreement.



The possibilities for music and entertainment are endless and there is less work in it than you think to get exactly your arrangement to stand out. We therefore offer a line of Plug&Play concept packages where the content is conceptional on a visual level as well as the sound coming out of the loudspeakers. From the bands Brand New Bag (Soul & Funk), We Small Hours (Jazz) and to The Great Gatsby Experience (1920s glamour) or Re-living Studio 54 (70’s Disco) we have what you need for your party.

We also cover needs for everything from professional dancers, hosts, toastmasters, comedians/stand-up performers, magicians and other spices that creates that special experience. In these areas 360 Agency cooperates with Norway’s leading actors and we can tailor unique concepts for or in collaboration with the customer.

Live bands &


Very few arrangements in this country have budgets to fly in the world’s largest band, but who says you need to? With our closely selected live bands you still get the good atmosphere you are looking for. Whether you want the energy bomb Cocktail Slippers consisting of 5 bubbly women who rocks any stage, or Golden Era who is a classy quintet who plays quality music from the 40s, 50s,60s and 70’s. If you are looking for Pop hits obviously the Hitmen are your evident choice. They will serve the greatest modern hits, from the most popular performers who has ravaged the hitlists in Norway and all over the world the last couple of years.